Reviews for "MonstersDen:Book of Dread"

almost perfect

this game is awesome but i think it could use more bosses after lv 10

Blown away.

As the title says, I'm blown away by how good this game is.

The graphics, whilst simple, work perfectly. Everything is clear and easy to read even with so much on screen at once.

The sound is brilliant and makes up for the lack of visual effects (when casting spells for example).

The characters are cool and the enemies are varied. Amazing amount of loot including weapons, armour, potions...etc to keep you playing.

The combat is fast and very simple to get to grips with.

It's a little thin on plot but the story between the levels draws you in just enough.

Over all it's a polished and very enjoyable experience if you like this sort of game. If you don't like this sort of game then you'll either hate it or you'll be converted.

Top marks all round.


i played it on max games so i love it

i cant stop playing it.

its so addicting.I CANT STOP. Its an awseome game.Expecting another sequel soon.


this might simply be one of the best rpg's of ng man you realy desirve a 10