Reviews for "Weebl and Bob : Frank"


I guess thats one Cream Egg Twisted advert they forgot to show, shame, its the best one lol

do they have those ads in america? GOOO! GOOOOOO! GOOOOOOOOOOOO!


"ITS ALIVE... oh wait, no its not" that is hilarious

Put it on the ritz!

Nice movie i am glad to see you guys still have your old comic flair!

nope hes terrible...

LMAO, by far my fav series you make.

Another spot-on addition

This really was great. The dialogue was funny and not too drawn-out, and I loved that at the end they realised that they had to go to the karaoke night. Also, the not-so-subtle phallic reference to the big lever impressing the ladies was well done, and actually made me laugh, unlike a lot of penis jokes.

Anyway, I wouldn't presume to give a great flash artist like you any advice -- you simply don't need it. Just enjoy my words of praise, if you read them.

Great job :)