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Reviews for "RWD: 014 Dead Lead"

You may want to leave the room...

Hell no! Awesome flash! A little flash BUT WHO CARES! Nice adition! (No i cant spell)

5/5 10/10


I liked how you choreographed the fighting. It all came out like clockwork. The details of the spinning bullet were interesting as well.

Very nice teaser. Looking forward to seeing more.
Anyways nice animation. :3


I give it ten stars just for the use of Welcome Home. That song kicks so much ass, even Chuck Norris wouldn't stand a chance.
But in all seriousness, the flash kicked ass as well. I enjoyed the fast paced style of the flash, and ther art suited it well. As a few have said before me, the bullet at the end was innovative in itself, although I have seen it done before.

nice work:O

im trying about to make my own movie for this site soon and flash movies like this give alot of inspiration
i loved this one just pure owning:D

for those with epelepsy

otherwise do ^^ its awsum :P