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Reviews for "RWD: 014 Dead Lead"

Such a cool pseudo-bullet-time scene...

Great animation style, and cool ideas (such as the aforementioned bullet-time). I eagerly await the full movie!

Well he's badass all right!

He's a badass all right, I mean that he was shooting and killing everbody. Hope there's a full version and not another trailer of this flash movie.


this was a really badass movie. the first song was badass too. what is the name of that song?

Shit Story. Not so shitty graphics

No story, No clue what the hell is going on. When it comes to story and plot flow, it is the equivalent to playing with shit on a stick and watching it drip off of it. But since the theme of it is pointless violence at least it gets straight to the point. 8/10 because of graphics equivalent to a ferrari despite the story equivalent to a tricycle with a flat tire.


dud i hope you have more. very cool.