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Reviews for "RWD: 014 Dead Lead"

nice work:O

im trying about to make my own movie for this site soon and flash movies like this give alot of inspiration
i loved this one just pure owning:D

Ah man well

To bad this is not an actual bad ass movie, animation great even the surpise ending like that so fricken nice.

Pretty good, needs a little work

I've got to agree with Corky52 and disagree with pbwgodofdeath. Corky was right the drawings do need a little bit of work, but the action was great. I think the music was a good choice for the flash. I'll be looking out for this in the future.

Cool beans

I know the music from the beginning it is Coheed and Cambria. I know the lead guitarist younger brother. good choice of music, excellent flash! good work.

i dunno

i didnt like the music ...
was annoying