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Reviews for "RWD: 014 Dead Lead"


sweet choise of song, i love coheed and cambria

good job animating too


Everything especially the sound was perfect. Well, I mean the art/animation could have been a little more refined; But the style, pace, direction, and audio were spot on. I would definitely shell out 15 bucks to see an action movie this over the top if it were in theaters. I think you should make an actual flash based on this, just as wild and fast paced and ridiculous, if thats at all possible.

welll uh

the most badass dude i ever met was was wesly snipes after a bad line of coke. i like ur animation skill and style, not ur art skill and style. was well done though. im gettin aggravated with poor drawing on newgrounds. sure, its easier to just draw simple stuff, but it takes away from the appeal. more effort plox


i luuuuve jour work (not G@Y)
and my old style of drawing and fast scenes looks like that i never post them on ng.
BECAUSE i tought it was stealing ^^.
bout yoyr movie it was AWSOME DUDE ! 5/5 10/10


I give it ten stars just for the use of Welcome Home. That song kicks so much ass, even Chuck Norris wouldn't stand a chance.
But in all seriousness, the flash kicked ass as well. I enjoyed the fast paced style of the flash, and ther art suited it well. As a few have said before me, the bullet at the end was innovative in itself, although I have seen it done before.