Reviews for "GT - Monster Trainer"

yah its pretty creepy travelign with adaults

at age 10.....

lolz funny as hell

I have only 3 word to say, More Gamer Tonight :3

Very funny

Best Part
"And that attack is supposed to... hurt people?"
"Are you kidding me!? If that got in your eye think how much the detergent would sting!"
"You feed him detergent!?"
"Well yeah, how else is he supposed to shoot bubbles out of his mouth, what are you an idiot?"


I love this series. I really hope you start making more of these. There are still so many more you can do and even people that are these types are players are laughing like crazy at this. So funny!

lols, you deserve a ten out 2

I couldn't stop laughing at the end & I don't even know why!