Reviews for "GT - Monster Trainer"


Ross -

Finally! Someone else that agrees with me! When I first saw Pokemon and knew that Ash was 10 I nearly flipped my gourd. I thought there'd be something against child labor laws or something, or at least the human rights coalition. Ugh that weirded me out to no end.

The monster was very cute, but you hit the nail on the head: some of the attacks in these games are among the dumbest! Bubble beam, Razor Leaf? Come on Japan what are you thinking?!

Woot one of the best yet

Loved it! Funny how you used a female person this time. Only complaint is that you made more fun of the show than the games. Not bad though, loved it.

200th reviewer

Wow, pokemon style, bubble cannon monster, lol


wow... that was creepy... and that monster... :P


I like the detergent part the most. awsome job.