Reviews for "GT - Monster Trainer"

Ha ha

so true. While I didn't notice when I first started playing, now when I look back, it does seem extremely odd how they would led 10 year old children travel throughout the world with nothing for protection beyond a collection of cute small creatures.

Nice one though, keep it up with the funny animations.

It was actually pretty good

it was kool. i mean it really does seem quite weird where the little bitchez get their fucken powers from and how the foo with the hat travels around the world at the age of ten and shit and how he hangs out with someone double his age for some damn reason lol... good points tho

I'm so glad this was a cartoon...

...because I thought June was hot. Curse your animation skills. This is definitely one of the funnier Gaming Tonight episodes.

Love it!

My favorite episode; brings back those memories...the way my monster used to choke on the kerosin I poured into its mouth to make fire...;)

my fav of the series

w/o a doubt