Reviews for "GT - Monster Trainer"

Wild Baron has Fainted!

No wait, I think he's not breathing.

Awesomely great. Just don't feed your pets detergent.

just saw 4 of your videos...

man i love your work should of found your videos sooner!

Holy cow

The end was maybe the best part. Poor monster...
Lol I can't believe I am just finding your stuff!

RubberNinja responds:

..Thank you for finding it!


That menu music reminds me very much of The Sims!! :D like it came right outta the game!! :D

Laughed my ass off

I'm a poke-fan myself, have been since I can remember. . . remembering, either way I loved this, I love these flashes. xD The detergent part cracked me up xDDD And the whole bubble thing is totally true. Keep it up guys!!! ^_^