Reviews for "Sonic Scene Maker: Comic"

dark sonic vs nazo

Alright heres my comic
1. sonic runs along and then he saw nazo
2. sonic and nazo go super
3. sonic kicks nazo and falls to ground and disapears
4.shadow comes and kicks sonic
5.sonic kicks shadow
6.shadow punhes sonic and he falls
7.sonic turns into dark sonic
8.dark sonic kicks shadow
9.dark sonic punches shadow
10.dark sonic double kicks shadow
11.sonic says I've done a lot
12. sonic shadow fly away
13.sonic shadow see seelkadoom
14.seelkadoom and nazo go super
15.sonic and shadow chase after them
i'm gonna make a part 2 maybe

The game is awesome but why there are so many recolors??

need background more charters wers normal shadow here is shadow but he loooks diffrent did somenoe spam you dude dont get fooled yo

Epic but needs speech bubbles. Love the interface because the sprites are arranged so neatly. Neater than my handwriting.