Reviews for "Sonic Scene Maker: Comic"

its good but ...WHO DA GREEN GUY!!!!????

ok but why is da purple guy there

I like it ok so here's my comic 1. sonic was walking 2. sonic meets nazo 3. sonic turns into dark sonic and nazo gets really shocked 4. dark sonic kicks nazo 5. nazo turns into super nazo 6. dark sonic grabs super nazo's shoe and seelkadoom comes by 7. seelkadoom turns into super seelkadoom 8. super seelkadoom uses magic on dark sonic 9. dark sonic was about to get defeated 10. but super shadow comes and grabs super seelkadoom's shoe 11. dark sonic and super shadow charges for super nazo and super seelkadoom 12. so they had a big fight 13. nazo and sonic were out of power so super nazo turned backed into nazo and dark sonic into sonic 14. sonic spindashed nazo but nazo escaped after 1 second sonic chased him and shadow chase super seelkadoom 15. a chase has started too be continued...

hanahh is stup

Hannah147 sucks lol anyway cool game