Reviews for "Sonic Scene Maker: Comic"

It's fun to screw around with for a bit, and make plots in your head, but it's a little overwhelming. Maybe add tabs, like "Sonic", "Items", etc, and when you click on the tab it'll show the sprites. Click it again and they'll go away. There also needs to be backgrounds, characters, items, and a way to delete sprites you don't want.

It's not bad for what it is but if you added more features then it would be a lot more entertaining. You should make a new one with the features I mentioned. Include all the characters and make sure it's organized, and add some extras like items and background props.

The green guy is Ashura

my comic is this episode 1. sonic is walking 2. he runs into shadow sonic says what is going on 3. shadow says he saw a white hedgehog and he said his name is nazo 4. sonic says i will find him 5. sonic is looking for nazo 6. sonic was hit by nazo and was knocked out 7. nazo makes fun of sonic and says you are weaker then the other hedgehog 8. sonic turns into dark sonic 9. nazo is shocked 10. nazo keeps punching him 11. nazo is crushed by sonic and seelkidoom is watching him 12. sonic attacks seelkidom 13. sonic is taken out by seelkidoom 14. sonic gets the chaos emeralds 15. sonic turns super and the battle begins. TO BE CONTINUED!

its perfect, the only problem is the lag.

THIS IS AWESOME! ill tell you my comic: 1. sonic runs with the master emerald 2. the sonic meets shadow and they both turned super 3. they both meet nazo 4. nazo punched sonic many times 5. sonic is down and nazo tried to punch shadow but he missed 6. shadow is down and speedy came running 7. speedy stopped 8. speedy is down and then sonic turns to dark sonic 9. he slaps nazo's face :D 10. shadow and speedy all turned super 11. they got a final blow to finish nazo but they left him instead 11. and then they attacked nazo at the same time 12. nazo came falling 13. nazo is down and speedy and sonic runs away but where's shadow? 14. seelkadoom meets nazo and they worked together 15. they tried to kill sonic when hes running. That's part one but im gonna make part two later.