Reviews for "Sonic Scene Maker: Comic"

This is literally mess
Look it lags my computer
1 star for the music

Slayerdude111 responds:

Thank you for your review

Epic Sonic Comic scene creator just add some more stuff to make it more Epic!

this is stupid and i got loads of stuff that i could help you with to make me rate 5/5:

mecha sonic
metal sonic
hyper sonic
mecha knuckles
mecha tails
eggman minions

do u mind if i post this on da as long as i credit

Here's my comic: Me and Sonic are off to give Neon the chaos emerald we owed him for saving his ass from perfect chaos. When I give Neon the chaos emerald Nazo attacks and knocks Sonic out then my rage turns me dark and start going total badass on Nazo but Nazo land a powerful blast on me but I knock him into a wall so hard his head gets stuck then Sonic turns super to help out then I turn super as well then Nazo starts attacking in full force and I land a powerful axe kick to the head and knock him to the ground and then my pal Dark shows up [Dark looks and acts like shadow but has no stripes on him he's just black not being racist just letting any reader know that]and kills Nazo and that's it. GREAT WORK by the way I'd give 9 million stars but I can't cuz the rating only goes up to five.