Reviews for "Sonic Scene Maker: Comic"

My comic is: Green Guy and Dark Sonic were dashing to get revenge on Nazo..But suddenly..Seelkadoom and Shadow join the fun! It was hours long until they finaly finish Nazo.

My comic is Sonic is spindashing and hits super shadow. Super shadow attacks, Sonic uses the master emerald, Sonic beats Shadow.

Slayerdude111 responds:

Great comic

heres my comic: sonic found the chaos emeralds then super shadow attacked him and knocked him out then sonic becomes dark then gets out of control then uses chaos control and kills shadow then a random person tried to knock sonic out he failed then he was the next one who got knocked out. Though why sonic fan characters? why not the original ones?

This is just your other maker, but worse

Slayerdude111 responds:

ur worse

The Sprite selection is a mess
more fan characters than normal characters (Knux, Tails, Amy, Silver, Etc.)
Its easy to find an ANIMATED sprite so it lags my computer a bit
but 1 Stars and a half for the music because its kinda cool.