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Reviews for "To Those Who Listen"

Please Tell Me You're Kidding

Why do you insist on making an awesome song? Couldn't you have just let the overly-ambitious young musician win? :P

Anyway, this is really amazing, it's trippy at the beginning and starts to get all glitchy-baroque towards the end. It's just crazy :D My favourite sound would be the 1 beat instance of Music box you threw in every now and then.

Spectacular job IO :)

InvisibleObserver responds:

But I am an overly ambitious young musician?

Thanks for leaving some comments foo-stick-Mo-Jenkins.


Finally, a song that doesn't sound like everything else but still sounds good!

InvisibleObserver responds:

Next on my to do list, make a song that sounds like everything else and sounds bad.


mate dont listen to the haters,haters gonna be haters!
But...I loved the song so continue the good work!

InvisibleObserver responds:

I don't have many haters, so its easy not to listen to them. Thanks for dropping some comments.


This is some awesome IDM.

Amazing sounds. The groove that enters at 0:55 blew my mind, great buildup, strong shifting feel. Loving the overall attention to detail and the volume automation adding to the feel of the groove.

Excellent submission! If only it was a bit longer with a breakdown of some sort, just to drop in even harder, as i feel like you can expand this song with a greater climax.

InvisibleObserver responds:

It will be longer, probably by roughly 2.5minutes, but the session runs soooo slowly that its quite sluggish. I'm probably not going to be able to introduce much more new stuff, but simply rearrange, reuse and modify what I have present in new setups.

AKA I can be lazy with an excuse and make a song structured more like a pop styled song, despite its generally un-pop nature.

As for the smoothness of automation, I've been utilizing mixer routing a lot more recently and its resulting in much more of a smooth, polished sound. Sending channels to a group mixer and automating it is superbly easy for getting things to smoothly weave together.

Thanks Tijnn!

Very nice!

Your style is definitely changing, not for the worse thankfully. I still really enjoy your work, as little as i check in. 5/5 10/10 download, fav. Keep it up!

InvisibleObserver responds:

I'd make claim its not changing but my skill level is coming up to par for what I want to do. Checking ni little might be a good thing, with school and jobs on my music been a bit slow. :(