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Reviews for "To Those Who Listen"

Evolving as always, amazing as always

Nothing I can't really say that hasn't already been said, but just know that I really enjoy this piece and hope you finish your god damn album already! I wanna hear it :P

InvisibleObserver responds:

Working on it like a feverishly ordered actions peon from warcraft! (click click click)

Recent development with my album, I'm up to 7 WIP pieces I'm positive will be included conisting of an odd mesh of glitch, dance, idm and orchestral stuff. Making it all fit will be puzzle-esque, but I'm up for it. :D

Downer, my bad 2.1 speakers are breaking and mean I can't switch between headphone mixing and speaker mixing. Which is easier on the ears, and feels more ergonomic overall.

Plus side, breaking speakers means I'll invest in some proper audio monitoring speakers soon.

One of my favorites!

First of all lemme say I love the tittle of this track, how its so accurate and direct to its audience, this wasn't made for kids who just go around expecting to be blowned away during the first 10 seconds of a track by flashy sound effects and soulless generic tunes, you have to actually LISTEN to get into it and to really appreciate the soundscapes in it.

The vocals were awesome, I didn't quite understood what you did there though XD But definitely sounded sexey :P

My only complaint is that it feels like the track just ended... like that, it definitely lacks of resolution, that part (at the end) felt more like a build up to something, and then just suddenly "..." I was like wtf??? Is it buffering or something? Well I don't blame you man, it was probably the lack of time like in most cases (including mine), but I would definitely like to hear more of this, hope you finish it eventually :)

Best luck in the competition!


InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks on the comment on the title. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm good at titling (it certainly doesn't feel like it when I'm doing it), I probably put a lot more time into it then some people. I think my friends probably get a second perspective on title names since they do usually relate to my life or mood in some way. That being said, I can't stand fluffy emotional song names that deal with the weather, space, or weird metaphors for describing girls. So I try to keep things ambiguous so to be varied in possible disambiguation.

As for this one in particular, you've certainly picked up on a double entendre present. :P

Vocals in short... took a small sample. Trimmed it, fit it to beat, mixed it in. Then exported it, put it in as a sample to be played and stretched around (just easier for me to process instead of having a million audio clips). Then autotuned it with some more mild mixing.

Track just ending... 2 weeks isn't enough time for me to fluff this out in its entirety. Lot of detail, and my computer is riding like 95% cpu usage when playing this. NGADM I've thought would be a good motivator to keep up producing speed, which I can use things from it for my album I'm working on, so it will be further completed and released.

Thanks for the comments and luck wishing.


Finally, a song that doesn't sound like everything else but still sounds good!

InvisibleObserver responds:

Next on my to do list, make a song that sounds like everything else and sounds bad.

Please Tell Me You're Kidding

Why do you insist on making an awesome song? Couldn't you have just let the overly-ambitious young musician win? :P

Anyway, this is really amazing, it's trippy at the beginning and starts to get all glitchy-baroque towards the end. It's just crazy :D My favourite sound would be the 1 beat instance of Music box you threw in every now and then.

Spectacular job IO :)

InvisibleObserver responds:

But I am an overly ambitious young musician?

Thanks for leaving some comments foo-stick-Mo-Jenkins.