Reviews for "Loss of Community"

You may have been aiming...

...for a large worldly description, but you seemed to hit the nail on the head for our own little NG community, here. Thank you for the work and I hope to see some more of this 'heavier' work in the future. Maybe you can colab with someone on it. This should make the front page and everybody should be forced to watch it.


Great you managed to finish this in 3 days(!). Awesome storyline and a thoughtful meaning.

That was great!

I really enjoyed it, and it had great meaning. I like how it didn't end on a happy sort of ending, but left the audience to ponder on the message. I also like the art you did, you have a great style and I can't wait to see more. If this is what you can do in 3 days, I can't wait to see what you can do with more time and effort.

awesomest movie evur!!!

The plot makes complete sense and it really means a lot about todays world! Seriously, everyone nowadays is either stuck-up or abusive in any manner of those two words. But still, as true as it is, we need help every once in a while, and good communities would help with that. This is an example of someone that needs help and the community doesn't give a shit, which a lot of people usually do. Good job, though! The animation was pixel perfect and nothing was out of place! Can't wait for the next video you make!

Poor red..aww..

i really love this one! cute and colorful! great job!!congrats!