Reviews for "Loss of Community"


nice idea and well made, however i don't really see the whole connection to the story you got up here:P

that joke with the mustach was kind of predictable;)


wow. clever idea and the style is good too! the timing was almost perfect. keep it up!^_^

A few things

Nice animation, and just a few things you could change. You could have used a program like Photoshop to manipulate the painting to give the feel of depth for the closeup scene instead of just filling in the gaps. I might sound like a smartass but black is not a colour, and he wouldnt have helped the painting because it was already used different shades. I was kind of expecting a different ending but yea, it was alright. You did real well for doing it in three days, I enjoyed it.

Nice Flash Movie... =D

This flash movie clearly shows the main idea & the characters are pretty... =3 The background music is okay (Although it's quite annoying) but I think the picture that Max Red paints can be changed to another picture cuz the picture of Mona Lisa makes the style looks a bit strange... O.o"

The Reality of it

It's painful how real this is in modern day communities.