Reviews for "Loss of Community"

hells yeah

so simplistic yet so awesome, i didn't think i would like this one but it had a good point and repersents the movie very well, the music also suited this very well, good job


maybe you should do one for other major issues, like loss of foreign policy, or loss of nature...etc. etc.

I quite enjoyed that...

I really do like the message of this cartoon, it didn't take long to understand what it was about. I must say it's also a very valid issue that everyone faces even today so I'm glad you've made this; shows some superb dedication. Okay, you only 3 days left but I don't see any rushed effort here :) Animation was pretty flawless and I enjoyed the simplistic designs of the characters, really helps to highlight the main message of the piece.
I'll add you and this submission to my favorites, hope to see some more great work soon :)


I love the concept that inspired you to make this this.

This is just genius work

I especially like your style. Nice work!