Reviews for "Loss of Community"


Wow, this is great!
The drawings were cool, were they influenced by pipingrad dot com perhaps??
anyway, i loved the story
sad but true
great work, keep it up!!!

W0oJ0o responds:

actually, i never even seen that before, i just wanted to have characters that would be easy to animate haha


the animation was very smooth and the story line was great


Great you managed to finish this in 3 days(!). Awesome storyline and a thoughtful meaning.


"Good fences make good neighbours" is from Robert Frost's poem, I think.

Nice Flash Movie... =D

This flash movie clearly shows the main idea & the characters are pretty... =3 The background music is okay (Although it's quite annoying) but I think the picture that Max Red paints can be changed to another picture cuz the picture of Mona Lisa makes the style looks a bit strange... O.o"