Reviews for "Loss of Community"


Good thing I read the authors comments, or most of that would have flown RIGHT over my head. The allusions and metaphors used to create this conceptual piece of work are very cool.

Not bad

What i got out of it was, in a community, when people work together, you can achieve alot of cool things. But like in the movie, just like in real life, people hate to working together, they like to do things there own way and want no part helping others, so there assholes to one another. This assholism is contagious threw out the whole community, and soon everyone is an ass to eachother, getting jack shit done for the community, and just fucking themselves over in the long run. Although your allusions as written in your text is pretty creative, but i would of never thought that is what you were talking about.

Great job Billy

I liked the idea because it was simple and had nice references. I personally like the Frost reference. Great job! Can't wait for your next project
P.S. It's Andrew


a little overrated? imo


Wow. You really thought this through. I had no idea there were references to anything until I read the text below afterward. Good job.