Reviews for "Loss of Community"

awesomest movie evur!!!

The plot makes complete sense and it really means a lot about todays world! Seriously, everyone nowadays is either stuck-up or abusive in any manner of those two words. But still, as true as it is, we need help every once in a while, and good communities would help with that. This is an example of someone that needs help and the community doesn't give a shit, which a lot of people usually do. Good job, though! The animation was pixel perfect and nothing was out of place! Can't wait for the next video you make!


very creative^^

Very creative

The story was overall very enjoyable
Simple yet entertaining


Was a very impressive, well done piece of philosophical work. I love things like this. Even better that it was completed in three days, and you made top 5 daily feature with your very first submission. If you have more stuff like this, keep it coming. It's great to see something so...different, for newgrounds.


That is a nice change of pace to see on newgrounds.