Reviews for "Loss of Community"

This could also be an example....

.......of how the people in MMORPG's get along. Everyone is on their own page and no one helps anybody anymore. Not like the old days of gaming. Very good message here,...hope it wakes some folk up.

goooooood job!

funny and creative
and daft punk is awesome!

poor Max.

All he wanted was to make a painting with more than red.

You may have been aiming...

...for a large worldly description, but you seemed to hit the nail on the head for our own little NG community, here. Thank you for the work and I hope to see some more of this 'heavier' work in the future. Maybe you can colab with someone on it. This should make the front page and everybody should be forced to watch it.

I love it

Great movie! Is so nice, the message is cool, the graphics are poor but for the purpose of the message its OK, the animation itself is very original and the music fits properly, keep it up! 10/10 5/5!!! Well deserved!