Reviews for "Loss of Community"

wisdom should be cherished

your point is very valid. great job on the content.


This simply blew me away. This reflects society as a whole, the sad state of affairs that the world is in. Darfur itself makes such an example. Countries should be uniting to help Darfur free itself of this horrible genocide, much like Max wanted the colors to unite to help him paint. Humanity has become so selfish, sadly. Great work! Can't wait to see more!


I find there is simply nothing wrong with this film, as it is:

-Colorful (LOL)

I hope to see more great work from you. =)

It's all about Communism

Great work, W0oJ0o.

I hope your English teacher appreciates this! This is really a revolutionary cause for the Newgrounds community, and we can all learn from this. Keep up the great work!


Are you on drugs?

very unoriginal storyline, the only reason i watch til the end was because of Daft Punk. loss of community...yawn!