Reviews for "Loss of Community"

pretty colours

i like the way you see the world. makes issues physically visible, nice work~!

Bit of a weird Synsopis.....

Great movie though! The colour community is like.. mad! Nice movie though (Can't really see this realting to those poems!)

Very Good.

I really liked that. Pico Day taught me the value of collaborating and how awesome a project can be with everyone pitching in. This was awesomely done. I wouldn't count on a sequel, some guy below said you should, but it was great. This is kind of a stand alone message. A good one at that.


Totally Amazing Man! I loved the music to, ties the whole thing together. Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! SEEEQQQUUUEEELLL!

Daily Feature : Definitely Deserved.

This flash can and should teach a lesson to a community that has little or no cooperation whatsoever. I think my brother should watch this. Also, had the characters not have been cute little circles, I'd have gotten seriously. A 65498379856 is deserved, but I can only give you a 10.