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Reviews for "PongOut"

ficking awsome

Wow! This shit makes my head spin. What a mind fuck!! What a great exercise for your brain great for hand eye shit.

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks I was going for that (I think) :).


pretty nice game, smooth and fun, keep this up :D
On the other hand I hated it but thats mainly because I suck at multi tasking xD

10/10 for a fun game


This game isnt half bad! I like the idea, simultaneous play is fun, and its actually very good for the brain. I am going to make it a habit to play this every day to get my brain going.

Well dont.


Have you seen the news lately!

This is an ADD society. What is wrong with you, making a game like this. This is an exellent game. One of the more challanging games I've played in a while. Althought I had a hard time reading my score because I was slightly cross eyed afterwards. LOL

Keeo it up.

Ab9003 responds:

Yeah, most flash games are to easy for gamers these days so I had to up the ante a bit ;).



no, really


Ab9003 responds:

Im working on another multi tasker that should be done in under a month, thanks for reviewing PongOut :)!