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Reviews for "PongOut"


greta way to use these too together, i did concentrate on the breakout part i was having lots of trouble to begin with but once i concetrated wholly on the breakout my mind kinda just moved the mouse just enough to do pong as well with out me having to do anything, i also went cross eyed for part of this

two games at once... yikes

Many people will know that Pong is a bit boring now. The same thing applies to Breakout. So your solution is to make the player play both at the same time. Well, I am pleased to say that it works.

My problem (which is not the game's fault) is MULTITASKING! I'm male, so for me it just cannot be done. All I can do is watch the breakout area one second, and the pong area the next. A recipe for disaster in the long run, because as I prevent myself from losing pong, I've just lost Breakout! NOOOO!

Despite my incompetence at this game. I like it. Just imagine the potential madness if there was a keyboard game to play as well. I dread to think...

Ab9003 responds:

You get better at it the more you play matthew, try starting out on easy then after you get the hang of it move onto medium or even hard mode :).


Amazing how difficult and at the same time enjoyable this game is,I couldnt do a highscore more than 12.000 so I can't believe ppl have done scores like 35.000

Ab9003 responds:

Haha think 35000 is impressive? If you look at the all time scores Bill English managed 17 million after playing 1 round for over a full hour!

Quite Ingenius.

It was a really inspired idea to take two well known games and combine them together with ease although there could be improvements.
1. Instead of difficulty you could of widened the screen and made the breakout bricks become difficult and maybe power ups on the pong.
2. The graphics could of been better, they were minimal and no change from the original.
3. Backgrounds, music changes?

I really enjoyed the game though! I feel the game could be improved in areas I specified not to mention your own ideas. I really do hope you can use the platform of this idea and create something even better!

Hope to see more of you and your submissions.

Ab9003 responds:

Silly the graphics are supposed to be like the original ;). I have combined these two games together and made a few modern spins but I don't want them to be to far away from their original games, i think having to play both at once is good enough.


Unique idea, combining two classic games into a super-fun addictive game. It's pretty challenging and I like the difficulty feature.

Ab9003 responds:

Yep, two one dimensional games combined to make 1 addictive 2 dimensional game :).