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Reviews for "PongOut"


Two classics, one game. Excellent game for when you are bored

Ab9003 responds:

Glad you liked the game Felipe. And about the bored thing, yes many people have told me they found it addictive :).

wow...the nostalgia

it is too hard 4 me, but i admire the effort u put into this game. well done. u should be proud of yourself....

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks, I respect you for not giving me a poor rating just because the game is to hard for you and realizing the work I put into it.

Two Classics Combind

This is a awesome game, Its uses of both games, (Pong for example). Made this game really rather enjoyable. Well made game my friend. >8D

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked the game!

Awesome, man

This game kicks balls. I loved the idea. I missed only some features to make it more interesting ;) (16480 pts)

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks, I'll try and continue to release more kick-ass games for you guys :).

Have you seen the news lately!

This is an ADD society. What is wrong with you, making a game like this. This is an exellent game. One of the more challanging games I've played in a while. Althought I had a hard time reading my score because I was slightly cross eyed afterwards. LOL

Keeo it up.

Ab9003 responds:

Yeah, most flash games are to easy for gamers these days so I had to up the ante a bit ;).