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Reviews for "PongOut"

Very Repetitive...

It's an interesting concept, but to be honest, the game is just the same thing over and over and it gets very repetitive...also, it doesn't even get mildly difficult until you get bored and lose focus. I closed the window mid-game.

Ab9003 responds:

Considering the 8 different breakout levels, 2 games to be played at once, and difficulty and score that increase the longer your turn is I think your review is a bit harsh, thanks for playing though!

Multitask trainer

Well all I have to say is that it takes thinking as two people to play this game.

ficking awsome

Wow! This shit makes my head spin. What a mind fuck!! What a great exercise for your brain great for hand eye shit.

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks I was going for that (I think) :).

Two for the price of one!

This was a lot of fun to play. I've never seen an idea quite like this before either. It was interesting to play both simultaneously. :) Actually, It was a bit challenging I must say. The graphics were obviously staying true to Atari and Arcade style gaming. Which is awesome =P

But I did find a way to trap one of my balls so that I only had to focus on one game. I'm not revealing the minor exploit though. Sorry to burst your... balls in this case. (Feel free to inbox me if you're the Author, and would like to know the details.)

Overall, it's great fun ^^

Ab9003 responds:

I think you mean two for the price of none ;). Thanks for letting me know about this little bug too, I'm trying to fix it.


good idea... but WAY TOO HARD! i was on easy and lost all my lives in less then a min.

Ab9003 responds:

Dude you're going to give my game a lousy review because its hard for you? I can't promise it will be easy for everyone but if you practice I guarantee you can become better at it.