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Reviews for "PongOut"

Perfect execution of the idea...

I saw the premise for this game and I immediatly thought, "oh no..." and I felt sorry for you because it was an excellent idea but there were a million ways you could've done it wrong, and I was sure you were gonna be flooded by bad reviews. But I played and, wow, you could not have pulled it off better. You did excellent. 20000000/10.


Ab9003 responds:

Wow thanks, I spent quite some time carefully designing and redesigning this game so it would be good enough for you guys :).

Really fun and orignal

I really enjoyed it and it seems like a very creative idea, I hope that there will be a sequel coming soon.

P.S. the song was alright could use a small selection of music next time.

Ab9003 responds:

What exactly would I do with a sequel? If you have any ideas please PM me and lemme know :).

Not bad at all!

I really thought this was going really hard for me (not good at multi tasking) but it wasnt extremely difficult and somewhat fun!

Ab9003 responds:

Sweet :D. Maybe this game could help you become a better multi tasker then.

nice game

but it's not even remotely difficult. even on hard! i just beat the game on hard......
Great game man !

Ab9003 responds:

Yes some people have an easier time on the game then others, its all based on the skill of the player, how well they do. Maybe in the future I'll add an insane mode for really skilled players.


Alone, both of these games are easy, but together, it's very tricky. Excellent game, The simplicity of the design, and the complexity of the gameplay, makes this a very unique and fun!

Well done. I look forward to more!

Ab9003 responds:

Great, thats exactly what I was thinking when i made this game. This is a modern spin to two classics in a world of fast paced adrenaline pumping games. And don't worry, you will be seeing plenty of new and better games from me in the future :).