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Reviews for "PongOut"

Just one thing...

The game is totaly cool, but you should ad more colors, graphics, and other stuff, because after a while, it starts to get booring, but the game is cool anyway!

PS: Make other mixes!

Ab9003 responds:

It would lose its retro appeal if I fancied up the graphics though wouldn't it?


This game was awesome. The idea was so simple and the result is great! It make the game very hard good work.

Ab9003 responds:

Thanks, glad to hear you liked it :).

This is awesome. Very nicely done!

I give you 7-8 for the game and bonus point for making us all multi task haha. I wasn't sure what to think skipping the instructions. Thank you for taking two favorite games and making it these classics fun to play again.

Ab9003 responds:

No problem :).


original and cool :] 2 things at once was still kinda easy but its harder than just one at a time than 2 at a time. i like a nice challenge xD

Ab9003 responds:

Yep, this was made as an update of Pong and Breakout to the 21st century basically :).

Great Game

This game was fun, not to easy, or hard. However I found a cheat of sorts. If you trap the ball on the breakout side you can just play pong. but again Great game simple yet fun!