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Reviews for "PongOut"


This game isnt half bad! I like the idea, simultaneous play is fun, and its actually very good for the brain. I am going to make it a habit to play this every day to get my brain going.

Well dont.


i'm impressed

the control system took a while toget used to but it was very well thought out liked the retro style difficulty choices were a good idea and even the tiny things like a mute button made all the difference all in all a very good game crossover


Two eyes, two games

It's an ok game, I liked it but maybe you could upgrade it with more levels and mode's. Nice idea to have two games: Arkanoid and Pong on one screen. It's only a bit too simple.

It pretty good....to say the least...

Not bad, nice idea about putting 2 classic games 2gether but I found kinda hard to control 2 at once, not impossible, but very hard.

Also there are so many ways you could have made it more innotive, but right now, its good enough


pretty nice game, smooth and fun, keep this up :D
On the other hand I hated it but thats mainly because I suck at multi tasking xD

10/10 for a fun game