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Reviews for "PongOut"

17 Frickin Million?

Despite the simplicity of the separate elements of the game, I definitely would have given this a ten except for problems with the ball/paddle collisions on the Arkanoid side. I'm here to say it's definitely possible for dudes to play this game, at least on easy, just keep a corner of your eye on the other game board, and anticipate, so that you don't have to set both paddles up at exactly the same time. Also, you can occasionally trap the Arkanoid ball between the paddle and wall, allowing easy scoring on Pong. I just found it frustrating when mah paddle would pass through the ball, resulting in a glitchy strike that sent it to its perdition.
OK, but seriously. 17 million? WTF?


this is a game for women men cant just do two things at once, WE CANT!


@ archvile4: womans can this... like drive on 2 lanes at the same time ;)

jeez... this game can make a very bad headache...-.-
...but a cool concept.. try to put some upgrades, items or else in this game


my brain cant process two things at once
who do you think i am

Interesting Idea

Idea is very nice but boring after a while.