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Reviews for "PongOut"

Dang, I should have enjoyed this more. It seems like an interesting idea. The problem is that I'm not too good at this. I don't see what the word "Out" had to do with this. It does seem like you were looking for something new and I appreciated that. The graphics weren't good at all.

I guess they don't need to be great, but I was expecting something better. Of course, if it wasn't this simple, it would be even harder. I guess you just go on forever. At least pong is like that. I'm more into the javanoid games.

Pretty good! :)

Maybe you could have a two player mode. One on arrow keys, one using the mouse. A Breakout game on each side and one Pong in the middle. Well, anyway, great game. Maybe you could do another combo in the future. Maybe one player using the arrows AND the mouse? 5/5, 9/10, favorite. I have the 28th highest score of all time, 1st today, 2nd this week, and I think 13th this month.

own my brain

wow that hurts my mind


the thing that i like about this game is that it includes pong and breakout all at the same time witch makes this very hard even on easy.

Two games!!!

SCARY, Two games that I've spent long hours playing off my cell phone. Very good idea just a bit Awkward looking at both at the same time AHHH!!!!! MULTITASKING SCARY.... Anyways really good and the only thing i don't like about it is that I can't play past medium