Reviews for "Pleasantly Surprised /SN/"

Awesome sound, details my friend!

This really sounds great! I think what you need to work on though is little things like mixing mastering, and trying to get the sound you really want out of your song through effects and EQs compressors and all that. You have awesome melodic work here though and you should definetely keep it up! Just as an example like I can tell you were going for a really heavy bass, but if you use some tricks like sidechaining and some FX you could really make that thing crazy.

Great job though, keep it up!


The intro is cool, but the tag-team thing going on between the dubstep bass and trance-piano-and-pads is just so great, I love it. And that bass, man.. awesome dubstep sound. The drums could use some reverb, and the song definitely needs to be longer with more of that bass!

Despite the lack of 2 more minutes of trance-dubstep tag-team, this is an awesome song. The mixing to me sounds perfect, except for the drums needing some reverb. Excellent work on this, dude.

SessileNomad responds:

i played around with reverbing the drums, it works better with high end clap type sounds but with lower snares its just abnoxious. trust me it didnt work

glad you liked the track though


What can I say, just simply amazing, nothing else. Nice work =)


do anyone now what vst he is using or can you tell me SN

hey it is a sweet track and i love it
i need the name of the sound on the begining and the dubstep sound
i dident think all of the dubstep fited so well but it is okey the rest of the song was sweet

so it is a 5/5 and 9/10

DJ Umulius

SessileNomad responds:

i used massive by native instruments


I think you should put this in the Dubstep section even though the song consists of more genres.
Like others have pointed, work on your mixing. The drums, and by that I mean kick, stand out a bit too much. That might have been intentional (it's Dubstep, after all), but now they're really overriding. Also yes, the snare needs reverb. And I know you're saying that it didn't work for your lower snare, but then you should just layer it with a high-end clap, give that some reverb, and make it wet as shit. Holla, there's your (fake) reverb.
Also, About the dubstep part, It clearly consists of two patterns, a filthy one and a calm one. And they differ SOOO much that I'm not even sure they should be put together (now that I'm typing this I suddenly understand the title of the song :P).

Cool song, but needs some work.

4/5, 8/10.

- LiquidOoze

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