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Reviews for "Saving The Sunset"

Great melodies and work here!

I like how you've treated your melodies here and your love of the actual mood and feelings from it (all assumed from your ator coments though lol). This is a good song, the thing I'm most concerned about is that your actual instruments probably could sound better with mixing and such or maybe even searching for some better soundfonts (I have no idea what you're using). But I think you can make the actual instrumentation sound better somehow if you tried really hard, the melodies themselves though are excellent.

Also don't be afraid to throw in some infrequent drums hits to add a nice effect to things, you don't ever have to be satisfied with the bare bones song you can try whatever you want and throw things in wherever.

Veneox responds:

I am using Mixcraft 5.2 and am using the best I can afford.


I have never heard anything like this. This song is such an adventure! I constactlly am replaying the 1:20 part where it gets darker. The main theme is so damn amazing the STRINGS! OMG! YES! Sir you win.

Veneox responds:

Glad you enjoyed it ;}


Yeah, i agree that most orchestrated music doesn't have a theme, but this sure does! i really love the melody and it is stuck in my head, so good job with that. Also enjoyed the western-era its a good change from everything else! 5/5

Veneox responds:

Thank you :}