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Reviews for "Saving The Sunset"

Amazing! You've done a great job sir. This is epic! Keep up the great work!

Good Music For Role Playing :D

Awesome! Loved it! :D


As many have pointed out, it's really a shame you can't afford any programs/soundfonts with a more realistic touch to their instruments. This won't affect my review score because critizing on your instruments won 't give you more money. ;P
Soooo, I should tell you that I COMPLETELY lost my sense of rhythm at 1:03. Before that part the tamb hits on every beat, but as soon as the violin kicks in it sounds like it plays at random, and the violin plays in such a strange way that I kinda lost it there. Luckily you restored it at the part 1:20.
That brings me to my next point: the piano at 1:20 sounds kinda dull if you ask me. It needs to be sharper, give it a bit more treble.

Minor flaws apart, this is a great song.

5/5, 8/10

- LiquidOoze


I have been waiting forever for you to submit for the competetion! I don't blame you! Not one bit!

This is some extreme crazy psycho can't even explain awesome mix of ear satisfaction! I mean god damn man! I love the fast paced sound which feels just like the classic movies I used to watch. But BETTER.

This better win. If not there is no justice.

Veneox responds:

I knew you would review this as soon as possible haha. Thanks once again. ;}

Very nice!

This is a very well orchestrated piece! The theme is very prominent and gives the entire song a purpose that makes it enjoyable to listen to.

I really wish you had some better instruments to work with to give it a more humanized sound, but you can't really be blamed for not having the money to blow on some EWQL library, and you did really great with what you have, so there is no criticism there.

This song is a good example of an artist applying himself to create something intentional and unique, and while none of the melodies got stuck in my head (my head is full of The Project Hate songs), they are all enjoyable to listen to, and everything ends up in a great song.

Good work!

Veneox responds:

One of the big things people lower the score for is the instrument quality. I am using Mixcraft 5.2 and am really pushing it to the limits with quality.

One day I will be able to upgrade the quality, until then this will have to do.

Thanks ;}