Reviews for "Chronotron"


couldnt stop got stuck in lvl 19


haha, right from the simpsons

Very good game!

I love this game! But sometime,the 'me' form pass dont extaly do what i did and i die (im not suposed to die)...anyway this doesnt make it a bad game.

the music is really good, (one tune though) 9/10
the gameplay is perfect ( best puzzle game ever ) 11/10
graphic are good too 10/10

The only bad thing about the game,is the lag you got when the platform goes up and down. But i live with it =P

Good job

Blue time machine...eh?

Cute little TARDIS there. =3

All in all a pretty good game. The timing tends to get tricky, but it's still damn fun. Well played, sir.


Absolutely unique in gameplay. I enjoyed it immensely. Fantastic work!