Reviews for "Chronotron"


This is one of my favourite flash games, I've played it through a few times, and it pains me to see so many people complaining about a great game for no reason.

Guys, this came out before Company of Myself, you can see it for yourself in FreeAsANerd's Author Comments: "It's a moody little puzzle game about a hermit that expands on the mechanic seen in games like Cursor*10 and Chronotron." Scarybug didn't steal the basic idea for the mechanic, at least not from Company of Myself, but more importantly: both games are well made and entertaining. Games do not have to be totally unique to be terrific games.

As for the Simpsons thing: Scarybug didn't even write the description, there is no mention of the Simpons reference in the game itself. But again, the important part is that the game plays well and is fun!

This is a great game, with lots of challenging and entertaining levels, and I'll probably play it a few more times at some point.

I read the tags...

You copied of the simpsons.


i think its not original, I've been playing games in new grounds i played gaes like this so minus 2

pardon me friend, sorry for the score :(


great game, but one question, on the level with the weight station at the start, My past self reached the time portal, I did nothing wrong and the PARADOX info came up. What did I do Wrong?


-he need to decide who he will save the other one will die
-i dont like it
-ehh hold on okey so it's about a robot that goes back in time for some reason but he'll have to decide who will die
-he's best friend is a talking pie
-u got the job