Reviews for "~|| I Wanna Fly..."

holy shit!

I love this and you. totally beautiful, serene, and mixed with a smooth beat for a very feel-good effect. <3

Wow thx for the memories...

I remember hearing a similar sound before when i was younger but i cant remember what it was... but thx for remind me of its sound... i owe u much thx

relaxing and inspiring at the same time

That's a very hard combination to pull off, but it's awesome when it works. (Side not: it's also why there's a risk of zero bombing. Zero bombers don't notice songs unless they become popular, so if you want to avoid getting zero bombed all you need to do is stop making good music (Side side note: Please don't actually stop making good music))


Amazing man, I am definitely digging this. I downloaded just in case I decide to use it. If I do, I'll definitely credit you for this masterpiece

I created an account just to say thank you for creating these hot tracks. I didn't think you would be able to produce something equal to "Blind Trust" but you killed it with this. Your talent really shows with these "emotional" tracks, no-one/nothing comes close.