Reviews for "This is UNMEI"


This is amazing! There are so many things going on! It's so enveloping it makes you feel like you're inside of it with the crowd cheering on Unmei!

Skaijo responds:

I greatly appreciate the comment. That's really goal I was striving for when making this animation. :3

Hello there :]

I remember your dont trip flash and back then i thought very highly of it, still do, and couldn't see how it could be surpassed. well you did it, this flash is so awesome in so many levels. The musik fitting with the flash is brilliant and things like when the "news" bar comes in is just too good^^

I see progress, hughe progress with your work love it :)

keep being awesome Dart-speed

Skaijo responds:

I really appreciate the good words! It's a fun hobby and I'm glad that I'm getting better at what I'm having fun at. The news thing came from me watching a bunch of CSPAN while animating in my dorm. It was really a last minute add-on. :3

Umm.... Wow?

You just pwned me. You really want my drawings in there? XD

Skaijo responds:

Yeah! I'll be contacting you Dec. Just keep doing what you do. :3

Theres nothing to say

Except that I love you ;_;

Skaijo responds:

...still creepy.


This is not just UNMEI....


Skaijo responds:

I appreciate that! Thanks for leaving a supprotive reivew!