Reviews for "This is UNMEI"

Kids dont do drugs

This is good!


no matter how many times i watch it, it never gets old, as always great choice of music, and everything seems nice and fluid.

truley i've been one newgrounds for years now and my favorite videos are the brackenwood series and this/all your other work.

great job ^_^ and have a great day.

Skaijo responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words. I only post whatever I had the most fun making on NG not for any particular audience--so I'm that much more relieved/happy to hear that you appreciate the entire body of work that I've made up to now.

4-heart for you--> <4

Very bad shit

This is shit man, I am losing my fuckin' mind

There are girls everywhere!!!

I love girls =D <333333333333333 I also like the trip pills and the music. The movie is great, I smiled throughout =]

good job!

I really like this and maybe to make it cooler maybe the next trip pill enemy could be
just a capsule of a human like enemy