Reviews for "This is UNMEI"


I love how crazy it is. and I LOVE THAT SWORD! like a guitar but a curved blade on the end and the long dull shaft/hilt. ^_^ is cool! how you think of that?!

Skaijo responds:

You can see how the shape of the weapon evolved since Don't Trip. There are similar designs of swords in Pick Up Act 1 and Act 2.


Love these sequels. Hilarious too, and happy music that makes me want to dance sort of! Keep making more of these sequels!


Awesome it was action packed and the music really set the feel of the situation. Very nice and just by watching your other animations makes me yearn for more! Keep the clips coming (especially ones with music ^_^).


unlike your latest 'THE LOVE I'M SEARCHING 4' and 'Don't Trip', I was able to understand the whole story, be amused with its comedy, and appreciate better than average animation.
i'm hope to see more like it in the future.

Quite refreshing

The animation was at the very most lacking, however the originality and amazing integration with the song more than make up for it. I look forward to seeing you further hone your animating skills, and hope you'll expand this upside down world of "unmei."