Reviews for "This is UNMEI"


I really liked this flash. Kinda makes me want to workout which I did after watching this. Freaking pumped up.

Skaijo responds:

Awesome. xD


What in the hell did I just watch? @_@


I love the style of animation you used for "Dont't Trip" this one and "The Love I'm Searching 4" its very original to me really, the music selection was perfect, (been trying to find a download for a awhile now) and I hope to see more of it.

There are some humorous parts in it, like at the mens academy when the girl takes off her blindfold the two rush in to help, and the guys in the background slowly slide away...its funny and sad all at the same time lol

Skaijo responds:

Wow I was really convinced that no one saw that part of the animation. Thanks for mentioning it. I really don't hear specific feed back from most of my larger projects and I'm too mellow to prod. xD It's just a finish of the project and then a boot into the darkness that is the internet. So it's great to see some positive feedback--even more so when there's a recognition of some of the past crap you made at that. xD

Thanks a bunch. :3


in my opinion this is one of those animations that you HAVE to watch if you get on newgrounds.
my only question is did you come up with this yourself? or is this a comic or show? because this would be awesome if it was a comic

Skaijo responds:

Didn't make the music. Everything else was me though. I've mentally wanted to do this animation since I finished Don't Trip. :3


lol dancing puppies