Reviews for "This is UNMEI"

Loved it!

I really loved this one. It's really rare to find a masterpiece like this on the portal these days. It was fluid, the music was great, and had great humor!
5/5 and 10/10!

I love it!

For some reason, any extraordinary flash that is synced with Japanese music is one of my favorites. Just like this one.

You're amazing!

So far, i've only seen this and Don't Trip from you. And with work this great, i wonder why you're not more popular.

It's not very often you get to see such a great gem like this in the Portal. It's funny, it's actiony and it's EXTREMELY well animated. I know i can come back to this animation at any time and still love it as much as i do now.

I hope you make more, the concept of a bad pill in your body being fought in an anime way is really cool

Fav'd and Fiv'd

"Later Tonight: Dancing Puppies :D"

Yeah, I saw that.
As i've said before, you're an amazing animator.
Keep up the awesome work, and I enjoy all of your movies.

loved it

don't fully understand the part with the guy in the very beginning and end but the middle was amazing. cool use of color and blend. it was all very well put together. make more vids. good song.

Music Maestro

As im sure everyone has commented, the music definately different. But it was still awsome. I think i may go down to my local drug store and pick me up a bottle of that stuff. I think i will go a whole day without eating tho, then drink a 30 pack and then pop a handful of those babies in my mouth. What a nite that would be!!! Great animation tho and very amusing.