Reviews for "This is UNMEI"

Loved it, but...

I loved the first animation and I really enjoyed this one too. But i missed the funny little bits like the first one where it cut to the kid having massive hemorrhaging all over the school.

Skaijo responds:

I understand you completely! I was hoping the robo dance could make up for it. >:P


I love the animation and the song, its good to a female animator nice job


i loved it the song was great and the flash was very well put together

Great job!

Animation was great and amusing though confusing. I'm goign to take your advice and watch your prior flash Don't Trip now but that was really funny and the music was great! I really liked it 9/10 5/5


I have no idea wtf that was, but it was amazing. Good animation. Keep it up.

Skaijo responds:

If you're confused, you should check out my other animation Don't Trip. It won't answer all your questions off the bat, but you'll get caught up to speed and maybe think of this project as a bit less random. :D I'd love to get your review on that animation too.