Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"

DK anyone?

It's a nice little simple game to get rid of a few minutes with. Fun enough.

Just, why bees? You might as well make the character a monkey. If the baddies were different it wouldn't have seemed like a rip so much. Shooting from barrels err I mean cannons, over bees has been done.


Nicely made, but why that?

You took the worst parts of donkey kong country and made it a full game. I can't stand those parts in the original, why would i play them seperately?

Is this a joke?

The idea was completely stolen from donkey kong land for gameboy. The cannon, the bees, the type of cannon movements, and collecting items in mid air, everything.


Turned something good looking from donkey kong and turned it into a big pile of sh. If your going to steal a idea from a game atleast make it look good!

Weak Sauce

This game was OK it wasnt bad but it wasnt great I dont see what all the hooplah is you guys are easiely Impressed.