Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"

Rargh i cant beat level 11!

This is very much like the good old fashioned Donkey Kong Country games which is nice.. i cant beat level 11 and like yousaid yourself I wish this was pie! nice job on recreating the barrel obstacles from those wonderfull games.. really took me back to the SNES days.

Another in a small handful...

...of truly awesome games on this site. Kept me sucked in until the very end, and I even got all of the coins. ^^ Awesome game man, the next one should definitely be a tiny bit longer though.

Oh, and in addition to the gameplay resembling Donkey Kong Country, the music kinda reminded me of some of those barrel-heavy Bramble levels. =D

Done and done!

Yeah donkey kong! loves it! i must admit though the fact that there was unlockables kept me going without them i would have been bored. But now here I sit with the unlocked character so well done.

Iam addicted :P

Yeah SICK, loved it aweome feeling :D

You'r good

great for wasting time

a fun little way to waste time the jetpack made a little lag wen u used it but other then that it was a fine game