Reviews for "-Cannon Blaster-"

Pretty decent

Pretty decent, just a few problems.

Low quality graphics, iffy timings (beta more extensively shooting straight up for coins was weird and harder to time than it should have been), low challenge, and rather repetitive gameplay...make the levels longer with a more spread out challenge and with checkpoints and it'll be alot easier on the reptitvity while still keeping the good gameplay thought in mind.

a fun simple game

its just a nice simple game you can play on you free time.... i like it.

ok i guess

Guess its really just a boredom buster, nothing more. Is quite good fun to begin with but gets boring.


I Like IT
Keep it up

Ok,i guess.

The game is fun and addicting,but gets pretty repetetive. With mediocre graphics,very simple gameplay and not enough challenge, I didn't really like it. Give it a try though. If you make another one add more variety.